Evane on MMFB and a quick tip

Hi! This is my first time on MMFB so I'll do a quick self-introduction.

I've only recently been livin in Melbourne and was in Adelaide for about a decade. I'm originally from Singapore and have Cantonese taste buds so I have certain prejudices when it comes to food!

I love cooking and dining out and am always happy to talk about food. Largely for green reasons, I'd love to go completely organic or dabble in the vegetarian thing but never have enough will power to do so. My cooking style is influenced by Jamie Oliver and my numerous older female relatives who are all great cooks. Favourite dining experience would be Tetsuya's and La Rochelle.

Quick Tip: Siu Long Bao
My aunt tells me that the ones at David and Cammy at Boxhill are pretty good. I’ve got to try it sometime. I got hooked on the juicy dumplings when I stayed in Hong Kong and have so far been disappointed by Australian offerings.

Melbourne Yum Cha in city

Gold Leaf have now opened up a new yum cha restaurant located under the Southern Cross big wheel in Docklands and I must say I'm very impressed. I have previously blogged about the Gold Leaf in Burwood and this new place is definately equal and maybe better in terms of standards. This will definately be my new yum cha place in the city and it is a lot easier to find parking compared to Shark Fin Inn and Shark Fin House.

The first 1 hour of parking is now for free at the Harbour Town Factory Outlet parking so this is a bonus if you eat quick.

Enjoy my new tip.

Melbourne Yum Cha

Want to blog about Melbourne Food?

Hi all,
Live in Melbourne? Happy to assist with unpaid blogging on Melbourne Food?
Well we are looking for a fellow blogger to assist in posting about their wonderful food experiences in Melbourne. If interested, please leave a comment below and we will get back to you.

Alan & Karen Woo.

Thanh Nga Nine Vietnamese Restaurant

Thanh Nga Nine Vietnamese Restaurant
Open 7 Days
10am to 10pm
160 Victoria Street Richmond VIC 3121
Tel: 9427 7068

Dropped by Richmond for some good Vietnamese food and saw this restaurant packed full of people so we decided to try it out.

I tried Rice + Combination dish (included pork chop - love my pork chops) and Karen tried her usually Vermicelli + Spring rolls combo.

First thing I noticed was the dishes were very colourful, lots of veges, Vietnamese restaurants are usually supply minimal veges so that was great. Both dishes also tasted great, everything was very fresh and flavours were just right (not too strong or too light). Looking forward to going back and trying out the Pho.